Azure Naming Convention: The Kubernetes Approach

Azure Governance

Almost all of my customers spend days and weeks thinking about and creating naming conventions for their Azure resources. However, it usually takes a very short time until these naming conventions become inconsistent, because some names are not suitable for certain resource types or some resource types are not considered in the naming convention at …

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Creating Dynamic Azure Service Principals for Terraform with HashiCorp Vault

Azure + Terraform + Vault

Everyone knows, static secrets are bad and regularly rotating them is a must. But what’s better then rotated static secrets? Right, dynamic access! And that’s were Vault from HashiCorp comes in. What is Vault? Vault is a cloud native secret management solution from HashiCorp. It tightly controls access to secrets and encryption keys by authenticating …

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Kubernetes Dashboard with Azure AD OAuth and Let’s Encrypt on AKS


In this post I want to show you how to protect your Kubernetes Dashboard through an OAuth 2 authentication with Azure AD as identity provider and Let’s Encrypt certificates. I’m using OAuth 2 Proxy together with the NGINX Ingress Controller to authenticate my Azure AD account against the Kubernetes Dashboard. For issuing the Let’s Encrypt …

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DIY Azure IoT Temperature Sensor with Power BI Visualization

Azure IoT Hub

In this post I want to show you how to build a temperature and humidity sensor and how to connect this sensor to Azure IoT Hub to visualize the data in Power BI. As edge device I’m using a ESP8266 Wi-Fi microchip with a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor, which sends the data via MQTT …

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Granting Azure AD Admin Consent Programmatically

Azure Graph API

Some Azure API permissions requires admin consent, which can be granted through the Azure portal. However, sometimes it’s needed to grant such consent programmatically, especially when creating service principals via IaC. Requirements for Granting Admin Consent To be able to grant admin consent, the Azure AD role “Application Administrator” is required. To grant admin consent …

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